Important information regarding Covid-19 / Coronavirus

We are taking action so that our customers and partners will experience as few nuisances as possible

Corona Virus

Important information regarding Covid-19 / Coronavirus.

We are taking action so that our customers and partners will experience as few nuisances as possible.

As a responsible company, the Hydrema Group also assumes its responsibility to minimize the infection spread of Covid-19. 

We have therefore implemented several initiatives in our departments, which will help reduce infection spread among our customers and colleagues.

The initiatives we have implemented mean that we can ensure the continued operation of our production, sales, service, spare parts and warehousing organization. 

As a customer, you will continue to be able to order spare parts and service visits, just as sales of machines continue as before.

However, these measures mean some changes in our business processes.

To minimize physical activity, we have taken the following internal actions:

  • All physical meetings between employees are changed to telephone and/or video meetings.
  • All travel activity has been canceled so far.
  • All internal employees carry out their duties from their workplace at home where possible.
  • All travel activity between our departments is kept to an absolute minimum.

In order to maintain the operation of spare parts warehouses and workshops, the following measures have been implemented:

  • Only employees working in the workshop have access to the workshop.
  • Only employees working in the warehouse can access the warehouse.

This means for you as a supplier, customer or partner, that you do not have physical access to our warehouses and workshops. There will be information on how to get in touch, with relevant employees on doors to the workshops and warehouses.

In order to maintain the operation of sales and service visits, the following measures have been implemented:

  • We recommend that only our technician is in and around the machine for service and repairs.
  • We recommend that personal contact with our technician is kept to a minimum.
  • As far as possible, physical sales visits are canceled. These are implemented instead by telephone and mail.

In cases where personal contact with customers and suppliers is necessary, we recommend that all parties comply with the advice of the health authorities 5 to protect themselves and others from infection:

1. Wash your hands frequently or use hand sprays
2. Cough or sneeze in your sleeve - not your hands
3. Avoid handshakes, cheek kisses and hugs - limit physical contact
4. Pay attention to cleaning - both at home and in the workplace
5. If you are elderly or chronically ill - keep your distance and ask others to pay attention

If You need more information – please contact your local service centre!

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