Hydrema updates its versatile Backhoe Loaders

Hydrema's latest G Series backhoe loaders boast several updates and improvements.

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Hydrema launches new series of backhoe loaders with Cummins Stage 5 engines which fully meet the latest emission requirements.

The last update of the Hydrema Backhoe Loader dates back 3.5 years when Hydrema, the Danish construction equipment manufacturer, launched the 900F backhoe loader series. Now Hydrema is now launching the G Series with more improvements and updates. Many of the improvements have been developed and designed specifically according to customer wishes and feedback.

The range consists of four models - the 906G and 908G with 122 hp and the larger 926G and 928G with 147 hp. All machines come with articulated steering and equal sized wheels for efficient loading shovel duties. Coupled with the hydraulic side-shifting Excavator and 280` working area these machines are the ultimate 10-ton loader / 8-10 ton excavator combination.

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The new G-series of articulated backhoe loaders from Hydrema are easily recognizable on the black-painted shafts and hydraulic cylinders. It is also possible to have black coloured mudguards and roof sections or have your machine painted in customized colours.

Versatility makes a difference

Versatility is a keyword for Hydrema machines. Smaller contractors can bid on jobs with just one machine where it would normally be necessary to have several different machines to complete the task. 

“Hydrema's backhoes are very popular especially in Scandinavia. We hope that other markets soon will follow the Scandinavian markets, and notice that the versatility of our machine fits anywhere, says project manager for compact products Jonas Laustsen, Hydrema A / S.

The fuel-efficient Cummins engine in the 900G-Series has been updated to meet Stage V emission standards. The engine works well and is very effective even at low revs.

The new Single Module after treatment system combines DOC, DPF and SCR. It is a stable robust system assembled in one maintenance-free unit - and the only single module system currently available on the market.

Faster machines

Hydrema is known for making machines with low fuel consumption and we have turned it up a notch concerning the climate agenda. 

“The G-Series has an intelligent central lubrication system that only lubricates when needed. In addition, there is an automatic battery isolator which cuts the power to the batteries when the machine is inactive” says Jonas Laustsen.

In addition, the speed of the 906G and 908G has been slightly increased, so all models now can run up to 40 km/h (regional dependent), which reduces transport time between tasks.

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The two models 906G and 908G, now have a max speed of 40 km/h, which means that all models in the new G-series can be 40 km/h road-approved (regional dependant).

Comfort and service at the forefront

Although Hydrema already scores top grades for comfort and safety, the 900G series has increased in cab comfort levels with a new multi-adjustable armrest and an 8-litre mobile cooling/heating box. We have increased the possibility of individual driver adaptation of the joysticks. From the instrument panel the operator can easily adjust the sensitivity of the joysticks and change the function and direction of the joystick rollers.

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With a new interior design, multi-adjustable armrests and more adjustment options of the joystick functions, the new series of backhoe loaders offers several user-friendly updates.

The rear window section has been re-designed to make opening and closing easier in the comfortable and quiet cabin. The cabin's interior has also had a makeover, so it now has a refreshing new colour.

“We have also installed a remote controlled light which is convenient when arriving at a dark machine on an early winter morning. The small remote control fits the key bundle and there is now a "Welcome-light" and "Follow me home-light". In addition, we have made an electric remote-controlled option for opening and closing the bonnet - when open the light in the engine compartment is turned on” says Jonas Laustsen.

Servicing of the four new models has also been simplified in various areas. Among other things they now have drain valves, improved access to the air filter and new fuse boxes.

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The new remote control for the opening and closing of the engine bonnet with built-in LED light, is now available for the driver. The remote also activates the light functions "Follow Me Home" and "Welcome Light" - convenient when approaching your machine in an early winter morning.

Good data exchange

The efficient tracking and data collection system Hydrema Telematics now comes as standard in all machines. This system ensures efficient data sharing between customer and machine. This can help plan maintenance tasks and diagnose problems, keep downtime to a minimum and improve efficiency. Hydrema's service team can help the customer identify faults quickly and accurately by displaying alarm codes and other vital data via the online portal.

The machine's software can also be updated through Hydrema Telematics so that the customer is always assured of the latest version.

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