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Wheeled Excavator


  • Cummins B 4.5 L Stage 5 engine
  • Swing radius from 1733 mm
  • Extensive breakout force, engine power and digging performance
  • Large cab with excellent visibility
  • Shortest rear end in its class at only 1550 mm
  • Easily works in tight spaces, narrow streets or busy roads


Hydrema's MXG range of wheeled excavators represents the very best in compact, high-performance construction equipment, designed to navigate and operate efficiently in even the most confined urban environments and busy roads. The MXG series includes; MX14G, MX16G, MX17G, MX18G og MX20G, offering a wide range of wheeled excavators in different sizes and strengths. Hydrema's MXG range highlights the company's commitment to quality and customisability, ensuring that each wheeled excavator can be configured to meet the customer's unique needs.


The Hydrema MX14G is part of the innovative MXG series of wheeled excavators, known for its ultra-compact build and high-performance capacity. It's ideal for working in urban areas, on busy roads and other places where space is limited. The MX14G stands out with its powerful performance, extensive digging power and efficiency, wrapped up in a design that has the shortest rear end in its class. With Hydrema's MX14G wheeled excavator, you get a machine that can take your jobsite efficiency to the next level.


The Hydrema MX14G wheeled excavator is equipped with a powerful Cummins B 4.5 L Stage 5 engine, which with its advanced technology and 16-valve Common-Rail Turbodiesel system ensures strong and efficient operation. The engine delivers up to 175 hp and a maximum torque of 780 Nm, providing unrivalled performance even in demanding conditions. With a large fuel tank and AdBlue system, the engine is both economical and fulfils the latest environmental standards.

The transmission in the MX14G is a sophisticated hydrostatic propulsion with constant 4-wheel drive, guaranteeing a smooth and responsive driving experience. This transmission is equipped with an electronically controlled drive motor and a 2-speed softshift Powershift, which allows a choice between manual and automatic gear shifting. This system allows the operator to customise the machine's driving characteristics to the specific requirements of the terrain, and with different gear speeds adapted to both on- and off-road driving, it provides an optimal balance between power and precision. The Hydrema MX14G's engine and transmission are thus at the heart of the machine's robustness and reliability, ensuring a machine that can perform in all working conditions.


Experience the compact power and versatility of the Hydrema MX14G's two-piece boom, standard on all models. Designed for precision and strength, our digging arm is constructed from high-strength steel and is available in 2.0 m and 2.5 m lengths to match your specific needs. To maximise your efficiency, the MX14G offers hydraulic quick hitch and an optional tilt rotator, making it a breeze to switch between attachments. Whatever the task, the MX14G gives you the flexibility and strength to get the job done efficiently.


Customise your Hydrema MX14G for any job with six specially designed undercarriage setups. No matter the terrain, this wheeled excavator offers a configuration to maximise stability and efficiency:

  • Rear dozer blade (A1)
  • Front dozer blade (A1V)
  • Front/rear dozer blade (2xA1)
  • Front dozer blade/rear stabilizers (A3)
  • Front stabilizers/rear dozer bl. (A3V)
  • Front/rear stabilizers (A4)

Choose the variant that suits your work and experience how MX14 adapts to your needs and improves your workday productivity and comfort.

undercarriage for MX14G


Hydrema MX14G's advanced ZF axles are equipped with a 45% limited-slip differential lock, ensuring even power distribution and optimal traction in difficult conditions. With planetary reduction in the hubs, you get exceptional torque and control, making precision work a breeze. Each axle has built-in brakes to give you the best digging brake capacity, and with a front axle designed with a centre bolt and pendulum lock, the MX14G offers a +/- 8º pendulum angle for increased stability and manoeuvrability on uneven terrain.


Hydrema MX14G is equipped with a hydraulic steering system that guarantees precise manoeuvring even in the most demanding conditions. With the option to add joystick steering that supports speeds up to 20 km/h, the operator has extended control and an enhanced driving experience. This option makes it possible to handle the MX14G's power and precision with just a light touch, turning complex manoeuvres into simple tasks.


The Hydrema MX14G offers a sophisticated dual-circuit hydraulic system with Load Sensing technology and a separate high-pressure hydrostatic bending system, ensuring precise and efficient operation. With electronic power regulation of the work hydraulics and intelligent Mode Control, you can optimise precision work and achieve fuel savings via ECO Mode. Adapted to modern requirements, up to three hydraulic circuits (two as standard) can be easily adjusted directly from the cab, giving you full control over oil pressure and flow for up to ten different attachments. The Hydrema MX14G ensures a streamlined operation with the capabilities to switch between tasks quickly and effortlessly, maximising your productivity on the jobsite.

Oil quantity:
Pump 1: - Working hydraulics - 319 l/min
Pump 2: - Slew hydraulics - 88 l/min

System pressure:

Working hydraulics: - 350 Bar
Slew hydraulics: - 395 Bar
Hydraulic circuit 1, ZV1: - 30-200 L/min
Hydraulic circuit 2, ZV2: - 15-100 l/min
Hydraulic circuit 3, ZV3: - 50-200 l/min


The Hydrema MX14G is equipped with a robust Cummins B 4.5 L Stage 5 engine, that combines environmental responsibility with powerful performance. This advanced engine includes a DOC, DPF and SCR catalyst system with AdBlue addition that reduces emissions and meets strict environmental standards. With a 16-valve common-rail turbodiesel system and an intercooler, the engine delivers up to 175 hp and a maximum torque of 780 Nm. The large 280 L fuel tank and 31.5 L AdBlue tank ensure long working intervals and reduce refuelling time. The Hydrema MX14G is designed to deliver optimal performance without compromising on sustainability.


With the Hydrema MX14G's hydrostatic drive and constant 4-wheel drive, you're guaranteed a machine that delivers smooth power transfer and traction across all surfaces. The electronically controlled drive motor ensures variable speed control, while the innovative 2-speed soft-shift Powershift transmission gives you the choice of manual or automatic gear shifting - for a driving experience that's precisely customised to your needs.

Road gear (km/h): 37
Off-road gear (km/h): 0-9
Creep gear (km/h): 4
Max. traction (kN): 104 (111)

Speeds are given for a standard machine with dozer blade and standard tyre fitment. With additional weight such as supports, rotor tilt and heavy attachments or other equipment, the maximum speed may be lower.


The Hydrema MX14G is equipped with a robust 24V electrical system, complete with a powerful 70 Amp generator and two durable 12V, 100Ah batteries, ensuring continuous and reliable power. This wheeled excavator has extra-protected wiring and uses only waterproof connectors on the outside, extending the life of the system and ensuring constant operation without failures. With a convenient location of fuses and relays at the cabin, you can easily perform quick checks and maintenance. And for added safety, the MX14G is equipped with an emergency electric drive function that kicks in if the main electronic systems fail, as well as an automatic circuit breaker that protects the machine and simplifies maintenance.


Hydrema MX14G makes safety and convenience a priority with its automatic circuit breaker. This smart system ensures all electrical systems are safely switched off when you finish work and leave the cab, reducing unnecessary energy consumption and extending battery life. When you're ready to resume work, sensors in the door recognise your return and automatically reactivate the system. Everything is effortlessly controlled via the dashboard, where an integrated timer controls the shutdown process. There's also an emergency switch located within easy reach in the cab, adding an extra layer of security to your working day.


Discover a user experience where precision meets ergonomics. Equipped with joysticks that feature four proportional servo functions, one proportional roller and four push buttons, the MX14G gives you fine-tuned control over the machine's many functions. The optional hydraulics are also intuitively controlled via the rollers, and the foot pedals allow you to easily operate the two-piece boom, supports and dozer blade, enabling effortless multitasking. From the instrument panel, you can electronically adjust the pressure and oil flow to the option hydraulics, allowing you to customise the machine's response to your working method.


The Hydrema MX14G shines with an advanced high-pressure hydrostatic slewing system that ensures smooth and precise movement around any axis. With an innovative energy regeneration that recycles braking energy back into the diesel engine, the MX14G optimises energy efficiency in every turn. The built-in 'soft start' system, enhanced by angle sensors, ensures a smooth start-up and high control during rotation, while the mechanical yaw holding brake, integrated directly into the planetary gear, provides additional safety and stability. With an impressive swing speed of 10.8 rpm and a powerful swing torque of 50 kNm, the MX14G is designed to handle precise movements with ease, making it the ideal partner on complex construction sites.


The Hydrema MX14G is engineered with a dual-circuit braking system that offers maintenance-free, oil-immersed rail brakes for each wheel, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance. The integrated parking brake in the transmission contributes to safety by ensuring the machine remains stationary when parked. In addition, the MX14G is equipped with an automatic excavation brake as standard, which provides extra safety during operation by automatically stabilising the machine when digging begins. This intelligent braking solution emphasises Hydrema's commitment to safe and reliable operation.


The cab is a masterpiece of spaciousness and functionality, designed with ROPS safety and comfort in mind. It features a sliding window in the door and an innovative two-part windscreen design that provides flexible opening options for fresh air and easy access. A roof window improves visibility and safety when working at height, such as lifting tasks. With an adjustable steering column and multi-adjustable armrest, ergonomics are top-notch. The cab's air conditioning system with seven air nozzles ensures optimal temperature control, while the air-suspension seat offers exceptional comfort. For the tech-savvy driver, the cab features a large 10" display with touch controls and an integrated display controller in the armrest. Safety is enhanced with large, electronically adjustable rear-view mirrors and a reversing camera for unrivalled visibility of the work area. Practical storage space under and behind the seat rounds off this premium cab.


Hydrema prioritises low noise levels, ensuring a more comfortable working day. Inside the cab, the MX14G maintains a quiet environment with only 68 dB(A) for a more concentrated and less stressful operator experience. Outside, the machine contributes to the overall noise reduction of the workplace with a sound level of 102 dB(A), proving Hydrema's dedication to minimising noise pollution even when powerful operations are underway.


Width across:  
Blade 2550
Support, lowered 3870
Tire 10.00-20 2530
Tire 600/40-R22.5 2520
Tire 650/45-R22.5 2570
Tire 710/40-R22,5 2730
Track width with standard tires 1942
Wheelbase 2600
Distance, pivot center to rear axle 1200
Distance, pivot center to front axle 1400
Clearance height, cab 3120
Transport height 4000
Length, road transport 6500
Overhang, front (with 2.5 M stick) 3330
Rear distance, pivot center - counterweight 1550
Swing radius, rear 1733
Ground clearance, stabilizer 350
Ground clearance, wheels, lower stabilizer 50
Ground clearance, blade 510
Ground clearance, wheels, lower blade 75
Overhang, blade 1175
Overhang, stabilizer 1110
Ground clearance, axles 360
Swing radius, front    
with 2.0 M dipper 1660
with 2.5 M dipper 1950
with 3.0 M dipper -
Total length during transport, 2.5 M dipper 8100
Height of two-piece boom during shipping, 2.5 M dipper 3000
Center shift, two-piece boom 118
Outside turn radius 6700
Inside turn radius 3600

Dimensions with standard tires 10.00-20.



Chassis Kg
A1 - Blade 16,000
A3 - Blade + stabilizer 17,200
2 x A1 - Front and rear blade 17,100
A4 - Front and rear stabilizer 17,300

Weight stated with 441 lb quick hitch and 882 lb bucket



Length of dipper MM 2.0 2.5 3.0
Strike height   9790 10250 -
Lifting height MM 8730 9190 -
Digging depth MM 4410 4900 -
Range MM 8300 8780 -
Vertical digging depth MM 3200 3700 -
Horizontal digging depth MM 4780 6080 -
Lifting height MM 6210 6710 -
Working depth MM 5320 5820 -
Range  MM 7640 8120 -
Bucket rotation angle 0 175 175 -

Breakout force, directly mounted bucket



  • Features the smallest counterweight in the range, resulting in a low swing radius
  • Offered with dipper in either 2.0 or 2.5 metre lengths
  • Features the shortest boom in the range at only 2900 mm
  • Is the smallest and most compact model in the MXG series


  • Positioned as the versatile centrepiece of the range
  • Equipped with a more powerful motor than found in the MX14G
  • Dippers available in 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 metre variations
  • Maintains a tight swing radius while offering increased digging efficiency


  • A fusion of the MX16G and MX18G characteristics
  • Has a boom length equal to the MX16G
  • Equipped with a counterweight equal to the MX18G
  • The strongest lifting capacity in the series


  • Features the longest boom in the series for maximum reach
  • Superior in its breakout and digging ability
  • Larger and more powerful than its series peers
  • Is the most powerful and largest model in the MXG series


  • Shares the same specifications as the MX18G, but with added equipment
  • Equipped with dozer blade and supports as standard
  • The heaviest model in the series due to the extra equipment
  • An improved variant of the MX18G with standard added equipment


Meet the Hydrema MX14G, a wheeled excavator that defines a new standard for efficiency and manoeuvrability in construction. Designed with an ultra-compact frame, this machine is made to work in the tightest conditions - from busy city streets to confined construction sites. With its powerful Cummins engine, advanced hydraulics and user-friendly control interface, the MX14G combines outstanding performance with environmentally conscious operation.

The MX14G's state-of-the-art transmission ensures smooth gear changes and optimal power utilisation, while the intelligent drive hydraulic system promises precision in every manoeuvre. Cab comfort sets new standards with a noise-reduced environment, ergonomic design and advanced technology that keeps the driver in full control and comfort all day long. With multiple undercarriage options and an efficient hydraulic system, the MX14 isn't just a wheeled excavator - it's your reliable partner on the jobsite, bringing efficiency and precision to every project.

Great stability and good hydraulics. Definitely worth considering when buying a new machine

Png Mark Hydrema Yellow


The Hydrema MX14G is the ultimate solution for your earthmoving needs. With its impressive performance, delivering up to 175 hp and a maximum torque of 780 Nm, this machine is made to tackle even the most demanding tasks.

The high torque and engine power not only means impressive traction, but also exceptional fuel efficiency, helping to reduce your operating costs.

The MX14G's advanced hydraulic system delivers the industry's highest hydraulic flow of 407 l/min, allowing you to handle hydraulically powered attachments with ease and precision. Whether you're working with buckets, grapples or other attachments, the MX14G's hydraulic capacity will impress you.

The advanced swing control and swing brake energy regeneration make operation smooth and precise. The cab is designed with comfort and ease of use in mind, so you can work productively all day without getting tired.

Safety is top-notch with advanced cameras and a 360-degree system that gives you full control over your workspace. You can work with confidence knowing you have an eye on everything around you.

The MX14G is also incredibly flexible and can be customised to your specific needs. Whether you're working on a construction site, agricultural area or anywhere else, the MX14G can be customised to tackle the challenges you face.

Maintenance and service is a breeze with easy access to service points. This ensures your machine is always in top shape and ready to work.

Overall, the Hydrema MX14G is the perfect partner for your earthmoving projects, delivering power, precision and reliability in a single package. With the MX14G, you're ready to tackle any jobsite challenge and achieve impressive results.

Hydrema Telematics


In a world where technology and data play a crucial role in optimising operations and productivity, Hydrema introduces the MX14G with the ground-breaking Hydrema Telematics solution. With this innovative technology, the MX14G becomes more than just a wheeled excavator; it becomes your reliable partner in achieving maximum efficiency and minimising downtime.

What is Hydrema Telematics? Hydrema Telematics is an advanced data acquisition system integrated directly into the MX14G. It's not just a simple GPS tracker; it's an intelligent solution that gives you comprehensive insight into the performance and condition of your machine. With a GSM/GPS device built into the machine, the MX14G constantly sends data to a central server, giving you access to crucial information about your machine.

By monitoring machine performance and maintenance needs, you can plan work more efficiently and avoid unexpected breakdowns. You can optimise fuel consumption and maintenance planning to help reduce operating costs. Plus, the data from Hydrema Telematics will give you insights to help you make informed decisions about your fleet and projects.

Hydrema Telematics provides you with a wide range of information and features, including

Machine monitoring: Access important data such as machine type, serial number, model number and geo-position. You can keep track of machine hours, battery level and much more.

Fault diagnostics: Receive instant alerts about faults and issues on your MX14G. This allows you to react quickly and minimise downtime.

Fuel consumption: Hydrema Telematics gives you detailed information on fuel consumption, helping to optimise fuel efficiency and reduce costs.

Service scheduling: Keep track of your service appointments and receive maintenance reminders. This ensures your MX14G is always in top shape.

With Hydrema Telematics, the MX14G doesn't just become a machine; it becomes an intelligent partner that helps you achieve outstanding results in your work. Get ready to experience a new standard of efficiency and reliability with the Hydrema MX14G and Hydrema Telematics.





The MX14G delivers the industry's highest hydraulic flow of 407 l/min. This makes it possible to handle hydraulically powered tools with ease and precision. Whether you're working with shovels, grapples or other equipment, the MX14G's hydraulic capacity will impress you.




The MX14G is equipped with advanced safety features, including the ability to add external cameras and a 360-degree camera system. This improves operator visibility and safety, especially in confined and busy workspaces.




The cab of the MX14G is spacious, quiet and ergonomically designed to give the operator the best working experience. The large 10" touch display and customisable controls make operation easy and intuitive.



With a separate hydrostatic circuit for the slewing function and regeneration of slewing brake energy, the MX14G can perform smooth and accurate slewing movements in all conditions. This is essential for precision work and increases productivity.


The MX14G's modular design allows you to customise the machine to your exact needs. You can choose between different undercarriage variants, tyre types and optional equipment, including an Engcon tilt rotator, to make your MX14G even more versatile.


Access to service points is simple and the machine can be equipped with a centralised lubrication system that automatically supplies the necessary lubricants. Hydrema Telematics allows you to efficiently control and monitor your machine.


With a powerful Cummins engine under the hood, delivering up to 175 hp and a maximum torque of 780 Nm, the MX14G is ready to tackle the most demanding tasks. The high engine performance not only provides impressive traction, but also fuel efficiency, helping to reduce operating costs.

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