Hydrema UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hydrema A/S Denmark.

Established in Ripon North Yorkshire in 1985 Hydrema has a wide loyal customer base and a reputation for manufacturing quality products that stand the test of time.


912EHM Dump Trucks


We offer market leading equipment with:

  • Excellent reliability
  • High residual value
  • Nationwide service support

Our product range consists of:

  • Articulated Dump Trucks
  • Articulated Backhoe Loaders
  • Rubber tyred Excavators.
  • Specialist vehicles for military applications


Hydrema has a reputation for innovation and design and can also offer most products fitted with rail gear, designed and manufactured straight from production

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Latest News

Low Ground Pressure Dumptruck

Hydrema UK has a range of low ground pressure dump trucks with the lowest ground pressures in the market. The completely new Hydrema ‘912HM’ low ground pressure dump truck model provides extraordinary accessibility off road and has the definite lowest ground pressure for all low ground pressure dump trucks in the industry.

The Hydrema 912HM low ground pressure dump truck provides a completely new opportunity for transportation in soft terrain and on terrain where low ground pressure is needed. The performance of the low ground pressure dump truck model – HM912 – in poor off road conditions is superior to all other low ground pressure dump trucks.

The Hydrema low ground pressure dump trucks also include a new suspension system for extraordinary comfort and the Hydrema 912HM low ground pressure dump truck also has the same Perkins engine and ZF transmission as the Hydrema 912DS model, with 131 hp and a six speed transmission.

The low ground pressure dump truck model consists of 600/60×30 five tyres that are mounted as standard, which provide the opportunity of registration for driving on road. The 912HM low ground pressure dump truck can also be delivered with 800/45×30, five tyres.

The Hydrema 912HM low ground pressure dump truck model is standard equipped with a newly developed suspension system for the front axle. The low ground pressure dump truck system is an electrohydraulic spring system featuring independent suspension cylinders and level control of the two front wheels. With its rapid regulation and long spring travel on the low ground pressure dump truck, the system provides a hitherto unseen level of comfort for this type of machine.

Hydrema’s newly designed low pressure dump truck ensures the driver that the low ground pressure dump truck is less affected by vibration during a long working day and the user will experience considerably greater efficiency, in particular on long transport stages.

The 912HM low ground pressure dump truck model is developed for the most professional and demanding of users.

For further information on low ground pressure dump trucks please visit www.hydrema.co.uk or call us on 01765 641 940.

Hydrema 912

Hydrema UK offers a fantastic range of Hydrema ‘912’ machines, including:

  • Hydrema 912 D
  • Hydrema 912 DS
  • Hydrema 912 HM
  • Hydrema 912 D multichassis
  • Hydrema 912 DS multichassis
  • Hydrema 912 DS rail

About Hydrema 912

The Hydrema 912 has a host of features designed to improve operator safety and output. The proven articulated chassis is designed to keep the net weight low and give excellent cross country performance while still carrying a high payload.

Featuring Hydrema’s innovative advanced suspension system, the brand new Hydrema 912 DS model has set a new standard of comfort for this class of machine. The Hydrema 912 DS offers the operator the highest levels of comfort and the new tier-3 engine ensure the Hydrema 912 DS stays ahead of the field.

The Hydrema 912 is well-known for its sure-footed handling characteristics and great robustness, and is particularly suitable for plant hire. With a frame steer chassis and unique centre pivot for excellent road holding qualities, the key to the performance of the Hydrema 912 lies in the articulated pivot steer chassis. The centre pivot and hydraulic stabilizers keep the machine stable and safe by automatically transferring the weight where it is needed. The chassis ensures that all wheels constantly track to reduce ground contact and the standard twin tyres offer outstanding traction with minimum ground damage. The pivot, which is centrally placed, increases manoeuvrability with a low turning radius and better positioning characteristics. The addition of cruise control makes for more comfortable road usage.

Hydrema 912 D Case Study

The Hydrema 912 D comes equipped with a Perkins tier-3a common rail engine. This new engine offers an increase in torque of almost 20%, giving it just about the best power to weight ratio on the market. Whether the Hydrema 912 D is working on steep gradients or poor ground conditions, it has the power to cope. The high torque offers more power at lower ‘revs’ which improves fuel economy and noise levels which are both important for environmental and financial reasons.

The Hydrema 912 D is fitted with a well proven six speed ZF soft shift transmission. Offering full auto or manual mode, this intelligent transmission will automatically shift two gears in the right conditions to smoothly increase acceleration regardless of the payload.

After studying the working situation and posture of the Hydrema 912 D, Hydrema has successfully produced their most modern cab to date – the Hydrema 912 D series cab is a more spacious cab with improved visibility and a soft touch interior. All the instrumentation on the Hydrema 912 is ergonomically placed and the seat and arm rests are fully adjustable to suit the individual. Visibility has been improved on the Hydrema 912D by increasing the glazed area in the cab, and a new air conditioning system is incorporated as standard with eight air nozzles placed throughout the cab.

Overall vibration on the Hydrema 912 D model has been reduced by mounting liquid filled engine suspension points and utilising the cab suspension arrangement from the proven Hydrema 912C models. The Hydrema 912 D cab is also fitted with automatic entry and exit lighting for safer night time operation.

For more information on the Hydrema 912 D models, please visit www.hydrema.co.uk or contact a member of the team on 01765 641 940.

Articulated Dump Truck

Hydrema UK offers a top-of-the-range selection of articulated dump trucks, all of which are designed with a pivot steer design. The articulated dump truck is designed with a frame steer and articulates between the cab and the dump body. Configured for off-road and rough terrain conditions, where all the wheels need to be in contact with the ground for maximum tractive effort, Hydrema articulated dump trucks have a unique, special anti-roll system built into the centre pivot for extra stability.

The articulated dump truck is primarily used on rough terrain applications and is able to haul long or short distances. Hydrema articulated dump trucks are extremely adaptable and versatile and are often used in conditions usually reserved for tracked type dumpers as well as the normal duties expected of articulated dump trucks.

Hydrema UK sells both new and second hand articulated dump trucks, all of which include innovative and outstanding features. For example the Hydrema ‘912DS Rail’ is a new version of the Hydrema articulated dump truck with rail wheels. The Hydrema 912 DS Rail chassis allows the machine to be loaded onto rail by simply turning the steering wheel, which enables easy alignment onto the track.
To keep your articulated dump truck working correctly, Hydrema UK provides the following services and parts:

  • Full stock of genuine quality spare parts for all current Hydrema articulated dump truck machines.
  • Service kits and parts for all of the articulated dump truck models.
  • Nationwide service coverage on all articulated dump trucks.
  • Fully trained engineers specialising and experienced in articulated dump trucks.
  • Technical assistance if needed for your articulated dump truck.
  • Service contracts and maintenance plans designed to keep your articulated dump trucks working profitably and efficiently.

To see our range of Hydrema articulated dump trucks, please visit our website where you will find detailed specifications on all Hydrema models – www.hydrema.co.uk
If you have any questions for Hydrema UK or would like to find out more about the second hand articulated dump trucks available, please contact a member of the team on: 01765 641 940.

Hydrema Dump Trucks

Hydrema UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hydrema A/S and was established in Ripon, North Yorkshire in 1985. From our Hydrema premises we offer sales of new and used equipment with service and spare parts for all parts of the UK. Hydrema UK has direct sales provision in England and Wales with dealer support in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Hydrema is a modern, international group of companies which develops, manufactures and markets high-technology earth-moving equipment including a range of Hydrema dump trucks, Hydrema wheeled excavators, Hydrema backhoe loaders and Hydrema specialist mine clearing vehicles.

Hydrema UK sells a range of Hydrema dump trucks including articulated dump trucks and low ground pressure dump trucks. A Hydrema dump truck is a truck used for transporting loose material, such as sand, gravel, or dirt, for construction purposes. A typical Hydrema dump truck is equipped with a hydraulically operated open-box bed hinged at the rear, the front of which can be lifted up to allow the contents to be deposited at the rear of the Hydrema dump truck, the Hydrema dump truck 912D Multi-tip can also swivel the body so it can tip over the side.

Hydrema dump trucks are configured with 4×4 or 6×6 drive trains and Hydrema dump trucks are renowned for being the best off-road dump trucks on the market today. Most dump trucks are designed for working on rough tracks and haul roads. Hydrema dump trucks are designed for off-road low ground pressure situations usually only suited to tracked dumpers. The Hydrema dump truck in the ‘HM’ version is the latest high mobility version dump truck to be introduced by Hydrema and offers higher manoeuvrability and lower ground pressure, than any other dump truck on the market.

Hydrema dump trucks are available both new and second hand, all of which are manufactured to an extremely high standard. Hydrema dump trucks sell extremely well across the UK and are renowned for being the number one dump trucks in the industry. Hydrema sell the following models of dump trucks; Hydrema dump truck 912D, Hydrema dump truck 912HM, Hydrema Dump Truck 922D and Hydrema dump truck 912DS both in multichassis and rail versions.

For further information or enquiries about Hydrema dump trucks, please call Hydrema UK on 01765 641 940.