Hydrema 926E & 928E.

Our customers demand the best... - and we can offer the best! The Hydrema 926E and 928E are our flagships when it comes to articulated backhoe loaders. These strong machines offer the very best in performance, stability, comfort, design and productivity.

Hydrema 926E & 928E.

Performance and techonology

The ultimate machines for demanding tasks.

Just like the 'little brothers' 906E and 908E, the 926E and 928E are to a great extent completely identical machines. These two machines are likewise build with a strong state of the art Cummins QSB 4.5 stage 3b engine, just with slightly more horspower and a  smooth ZF WG115, 6-speed, fully-automatic ERGO-POWER Soft-Shift transmission. Also, the 926E and 928E cabin has a four-point spring suspension which positive effect is especially clear when driving fast on and off road. As standard models the 926E and 928E construction and specifications are identical except for the technology behind the dipper.

The 926E dipper - dig wider!

The E-Series is available with or without Hydrema’s unique side shifting of the dipper. On the 926E the dipper can be side shifted hydraulically by 1.6 m. This feature is giving the machine an impressive digging range of 280° - which by the way is the largest on the market...  So if you are parked in a slightly weird angle, you can still work efficently without having to manoeuvre the entire machine. 

The 928E dipper - dig deeper!

On the 928E the dipper is centre-mounted, giving a digging range of 200°. The mobility can be increased by a side angling (optional), which makes the digging range 250°. One of the advantages of a center-mounted dipper is to obtain a higher lifting capacity. The centre-mounted dipper on our 928E gives you a lifting capacity of 1.750 kg and an excavating depth up to 5,39 m (or 6,60 m with an optional telescopic arm - also available for the 926E).



  • Chassis
    Articulated chassis in heavy-duty robot-welded construction with fixed axles. Pivot joint with pendulum bar and double hydraulic stabilisers with the option of hydraulic locking of the oscillating movement. Oscillating angle: +/- 11°. 

  • Steering
    Hydrostatic steering with Load Sensing hydraulics and two doubleacting cylinders with end brake. Pivot steering angle: +/- 35°.

  • Axles
    Fixed, rigid axles with hub reduction. Automatic limited slip differential lock on front axle, 100% electro-hydraulic differential lock on rear axle.

  • Hydraulic system

    Load sensing system with variable pump. 220 L/min and 240 bar. ESD with double command, electronic flow sharing, ECO mode and mode control for all models.

  • Transmission
    ZF WG115, 6-speed, fully-automatic ERGO-POWER Soft-Shift transmission with 100% electronic control. Electronically controlled pressure on each clutch ensures completely smooth gearshift without any loss of tractive effort. No. of gears: 6 forward 3 reverse. Permanent 4-wheel drive.

  • Brakes
    Hydraulic twin-circuit servosystem with oil-immersed disc brakes on all wheels. Fail-Safe parking brake with electro-hydraulic activation of the wet disc brakes on the front axles.

  • Engine
    Cummins QSB 4.5 stage 3b engine with DOC catalytic converter. Max. 105 kW (141 hp) Max torque: 620 Nm at 1500 rpm. 
    Fuel: Diesel. 155 L fuel tank.

  • Noise levels
    Cabin / Outside: 67 LpA / 102 dB(A)


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