Hydrema is launching the latest version of its best selling dump truck

21. October 2020

In a bid to stay ahead of the competition and meet the latest environmental requirements the new Hydrema 912G features the very latest Cummins 147hp Stage 5 engine.

Hydrema is ready to launch the new 912G-Series. The R&D department at the Danish construction equipment manufacturer has been hard at work looking at modifications and improvements for the G series to come up with the ninth generation of its best selling dump truck. 

The 10-ton dump truck is Hydrema's best selling product. The factory is ready with a 912G version with extensive upgrades, for the engine compartment and cabin, as well as exterior items.

"The new Hydrema 912G-Series has been finely tuned on all fronts. It has become much more than the engine update that many manufacturers make to keep up with the Stage V emission requirements. Along with the very latest engine technology, we have made changes in areas such as safety, operator comfort and servicing,” says Hydrema`s R&D Manager, Thorkil Iversen.

Ready for bio-diesel
The new 147hp engine from Cummins not only complies with the latest Stage V emission regulations, but also is approved to run on 100 per cent HVO (bio) diesel. To ensure the cleanest possible exhaust, the 912G has a diesel particulate filter and adBlue while the engine has a simpler layout due to the lack of an EGR valve. 

“We are experiencing ever-increasing demands for low emissions, including in public tenders. This is particularly true in urban locations with projects such as sewage and district heating work along with pedestrian renovations. The 912G-Series new engine meets the requirements of contractors looking for the latest in low emission machines”, says Thorkil K. Iversen

Among the significant updates is the upgraded cooling system, which has a 10% increase in cooling capacity thanks to a fully welded radiator. Furthermore, the new generation of the popular dump tuck is equipped with an electronically controlled cooling fan which only operates when needed. This saves fuel and reduces noise.

Self isolating battery
The dump truck comes equipped with an automatic battery isolator which shuts down when no power is required. This is one less job for the operator who can now leave the machine without the worry of forgetting to turn off the isolator.

The engine compartment has been reorganised to allow access to all service filters and check points from ground level. Extra drain valves have been fitted to ensure easy and safe oil draining. The radiator compartment has been fitted with a new easy access panel and should you need to climb on the machine 3 points of contact are available to reduce slips and trips.

Hydrema's engineers have redesigned the engine bay. As the Stage V engine is without an EGR valve, the exhaust gas is now treated externally via DOC, DPF and SCR. The fully welded radiator ensures 10 per cent greater cooling capacity. At the same time, optimization of the service access makes all daily service checks easier, as you can carry them out from ground level.

Safe in and out
All steps on the 912G-series have been widened. In addition, the easy 1-step access to the cab has been maintained along with hi vis grab handles and steps to reduce the possibility of slips.

Along with the many other options available, the 912G-series now has an optional LED all around work light package for optimal visibility while operating in dark conditions.

Heating via telephone and tip-safety
The 912G-Series offers a new optional Webasto cab heater, which can be controlled remotely via a mobile phone allowing the operator to get the cab warm before starting operations.

Hydrema has also added the option of an air-suspended, ventilated seat with automatic weight adjustment up to 150 kg.

The machine also comes equipped with a Tiltometer inclination indicator (Hoist Assistance). Located in the dashboard this (always on) safety system shows the operator the angle the machine is operating at both laterally and longitudinally. If the machine reaches an unsafe angle the system warns the operator.

The Danish manufacturer offers a large selection of models within the 912 series, with the possibility of different bodywork. One of the most widely used choices is the MultiTip swivel body. This system allows the load to be dumped over the side of the machine anywhere within a 90 degree angle and is ideal for working in confined spaces. 

The MultiTip option allows you to unload over the side in a 180-degree radius with high precision. It is shown here on a 912HM, which is the version with wide tires. It is popular in the American and Australian markets.

The 912 can also be ordered as a chassis cab (Multichassis) to allow the fitting of other types of equipment like water tanks or salt spreaders etc. In addition, an optional 3 point hitch attachment can be fitted to the front of the machine for a brush or blade attachment.  The machine is also available fitted with our own designed and factory-fitted rail gear system.

"Where there is a will, there is a way. If there is no road the Hydrema dump truck will come out anyway." The machine has a large power surplus and superb terrain properties, which are ensured by Hydrema's unique, hydraulically stabilized articulation point, among other things.

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