Hydrema is gaining ground in Austria

20. January 2021

I am delighted that we can convince more and more companies in western Austria of the Hydrema brand. In addition, we can ensure optimal support in Tyrol and Vorarlberg with our service partner in Wiesing.

Thanks to the Hydrema 922F dump truck's road approval, the Kessler Transporte GmbH can transport stones from the Zech Kies quarry in Bürs, directly to the construction site. In some parts of the path, the gradient reaches 39%.

The articulated, compact Hydrema dump trucks impress with their high performance, simple controls, low unladen weight and extremely economical operation. Thanks to the upgraded braking system with a more powerful retarder, more companies in Austria are taking advantage of the Hydrema dump trucks.

The Hydrema Group was founded in Denmark in 1959. From the beginning, it emphasized quality, high-performance technology and intelligently designed solutions across its range of dump trucks, wheeled excavators and backhoe loaders. The Hydrema dump trucks are especially suited for earthmoving in soft terrain and in areas that require the lowest possible ground pressure. 

Joseph Warum (IBS GmbH, right) with the operator from Kessler Transporte GmbH.

The range of articulated dump trucks includes machines in the 7, 10 and 20-ton class. Across all dump truck models, the chassis is designed with articulated steering and a pendulum rod, with double-acting hydraulic stabilizers in the articulation point. The two stabilizers ensure maximum stability. The dump truck body is made of Hardox high-strength steel without side ribs and enables a high tipping angle for quick unloading. The combination of articulated steering, wide tires and high ground clearance results in excellent off-road mobility. The two 10-tons machine models, 912GS and 912HM, as well as the 922G models have electro-hydraulic suspension systems with two independent suspension cylinders on the front axle.

The Plörer company in Sölden values its compact Hydrema 922F dump truck, which is also approved for road use, as an economical and powerful transport vehicle.

Strong demand in western Austria

One of the companies that have relied on the Hydrema dump trucks in the alpine area for years is Plörer in Sölden. This company was founded by Hermann Plörer, who carried out concrete transports in Tyrol in the mid-1970s. At the beginning of the 90's, the business also expanded to include earthmoving operations. Later the company became involved in waste disposal in Ötztal by working on landfill operations and raw material extraction. In addition to several trucks and other earthmoving equipment, the 15 employees have access to a Hydrema 922F dump truck. The contractor's focus is on excavation work and canal, path and hill construction. Among other things, the Plorer company contributed to constructing the James Bond Museum in Sölden, where they carried out extensive earthworks.

From left: Managing Director Christoph Plörer, Joseph Warum (IBS GmbH, Ardagger Stift) and operator (Plörer company).

Managing Director Christoph Plörer speaks positively about the Hydrema dump trucks: 

"I appreciate my Hydrema 922F dump truck for several reasons. It is compact, has road approval and can be used in an extremely versatile manner; from assisting in the construction of paths and slopes to transporting large stones. The tight turning radius and the extreme cross-country mobility bring real advantages in everyday operations. In addition, the 922F is economical in fuel consumption, offers a good view from the cab and can compete with larger dump trucks in terms of performance."

Another company that operates Hydrema machines is Kessler Transporte GmbH in Klösterle am Arlberg. They also appreciate the compact Hydrema 922G dump truck, especially because it's approved for road use. Kessler is currently transporting boulders from the Zech Kies quarry to a construction site in Rankweil, where a new river bed is under construction.

Upgraded braking system

Joseph Warum, the responsible supervisor at IBS GmbH, emphasizes: "The latest generation of 922G dump trucks offers even more power as they are equipped with a Stage V engine and an intelligent 6-speed soft-shift transmission. In addition to the features already mentioned, the new G-Series offers excellent driving characteristics at all speeds and surfaces, thanks to the oscillating and hydraulically stabilized articulated joint. The combination of a rigid front axle with electronically controlled suspension and level control that adjusts the machine in the optimal position - together with the powerful bogie axle at the rear, gives the machine a high degree of driving stability and comfort, especially during tipping. The braking system has been thoroughly overhauled and significantly upgraded by the Hydrema engineers. This is clearly seen in steep terrain, as confirmed by the first customers to use the new 922G dump truck. "

Compact, extremely manoeuvrable and excellent off-road: Halbeisen & Prast KG from Dornbirn no longer wants to do without the power of their Hydrema 912FS in road construction.

Halbeisen & Prast KG, an earthworks company from Dornbirn that is active in Vorarlberg, also utilizes a Hydrema dump truck - in this case, the 10-ton 912FS model. The company's dedicated team not only takes on all types of excavation work, but they are also active in the areas of road and sewer construction, stone walls, slope protection and demolition. The Hydrema 912FS plays a vital role in many of these jobs in the rough terrain. It is equipped with front axle suspension as standard, which is an electro-hydraulic suspension with independent cylinders and level control on both front wheels. This means that the operator is less exposed to vibrations on long working days, there is less stress, especially on long transport hauls and in rough terrain. 

"I am delighted that we can convince more and more companies in western Austria of the Hydrema brand. In addition, we can ensure optimal support in Tyrol and Vorarlberg with our service partner in Wiesing. In the worst case, the fitters from Ardagger Stift as well as the fitters from the IBS headquarters in Bavaria near Nuremberg are on site within a few hours," says Joseph Warum in conclusion. 


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