Hydrema 912 FS multi-chassis, part of new road paving machine invention.

19. November 2019

Creative blacksmith from the danish construction company Gorm Hansen A/S, behind new “Road paving machine” invention.

The desire for a smart solution for laying gravel in paths sent blacksmiths from contractors in the inventor's corner.

The new machine is built on a 912 FS multi-chassis dump truck from Hydrema, where we have mounted a belt loader from the machinery manufacturer Bredal. That in itself is really an old feature. Usually, there is a long reading tape at the back. The Bredal allows us to adjust the amount it feeds the box with, regardless of the driving speed. It provided a good starting point, but we only had the unloader tape for it, says Brian Vinkelgaard, a blacksmith at Gorm Hansen.

Slope to both sides

The result was a gravel scavenger for paving trails and small roads.

- We had some finisher work for a backhoe digger, who started the idea of putting it behind a machine. It didn't harmonise very well. The backhoe loader is sitting in front of the machine where we would like it to be on the back of the belt loader, and if we put it together, it would all end backwards, says Brian Vinkelgaard, who has devised and built the machinery.

At the same time, the people in the company would like more functions.

- Something that stands out about our model is that it can bend in the middle, so we create a roof profile on the gravel path. It was not possible to find anything in the market where that function was available, says Brian Vinkelgaard.

Fewer people for the job.

With the newly developed machine, the work is made easier.

- Previously, we did the work with an excavator and hand power, where we walked and straightened. You couldn't make it as precisely as we can here. So it required an excavator and two to three men with rakes, says Mogens Post, the construction site foreman. 

With the new solution, you can mark the route in advance, so that you get a neat layout the first time.

The driver can orient himself in the rear using three cameras. He controls the driving speed so the box is always filled with gravel.

- It is important because otherwise, we will not get completely into the pages, says Mogens Post.

- I need to be aware that we have a uniform layer thickness. It is important on this task where it is some clay gravel. But it is also a matter of money that not too much material is used. It's hard to hit 100 per cent all the time, but then we just have to go fast with a rake and fix the little things, says Mogens Post.

The machine can do more

In addition to the economic benefits of fewer people for the tasks and more precise material consumption, the machinery is also better utilised.

- The machine has gone from being able to only one thing, to now becoming a multifunctional machine. It's all made so it is easy to separate and it can be assembled or separated in an hour, says Brian Vinkelgaard.

The cooker can extend in width from 2.5 meters to 3.5 meters. Gorm Hansen has applied for a patent on the gravel cutter.

Link to original article from www.maskinteknik.dk below


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