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Hydrema 912GS compact dump truck driving

Compact, highly mobile and off-road superior

The articulated and compact dump trucks, with supreme performance, low weight and exceptional durability.
The 912G Series provides efficiency and operator comfort - every day, year after year.

Hydrema 912GS compact dump truck moving material in muddy area

Dump truck experts

Stability and maneuverability

Built-in stability

  • Safe and stable

    The combination of compact de­sign, low weight, high stability, outstanding traction and power gives the 912G-Series excellent driving capabilities even in rough, hilly and muddy conditions.

    The unique articulation point with oscillation and hydraulic stabilizers keeps the machine stable and safe by automatically transferring the weight to where it is needed. 

    In combination with the low centre of gravity and balanced weight distribution between the chassis parts, the dump truck is stable even on inclines, regardless of whether it is carrying a load or unloading over the side.

  • Excellent maneuverability

    The chassis design, with a centrally located articulation point ensures that all wheels constantly track, which gives outstanding traction with minimum ground damage.

    Maneuverability is maximized with a low turning radius of just 6,1 m and great positioning characteristics. 

    In combination with optional smart features like the swivelling body, the truck can work on sites with limited space.


Video of 912 G-series

Easy unloading

Unloading that works for you

  • Hydrema 912FS compact dump truck view of cabin from outside

    Quick Tipping

    Beneath the robust body are two strong double-acting tipping cylinders. These two cylinders provide a tipping time of just 6 seconds, to an angle of 75 degrees. The body is also designed with rounded corners so wet and sticky material will easily slide off when tipping.


    The ground clearance when tipping is 110cm, making it possible to unload the material over edges, or in high piles to save space.

  • Hydrema 912F-series compact dump truck cabin view

     Flexible and precise unloading

    A popular feature is the MultiTip (option), where the dump truck body can turn in a 180-degree radius (90 degrees to each side) and delivers the payload with high precision. For example, the MuliTip is outstanding when unloading a certain amount of load sideways, while moving forward, or into a ditch. The MultiTip also allows you to work in places with limited space.


    With the optional Auto-Body-Return function the body is automatically lowered back onto the chassis with a push of a button. With this feature, the operator can move on to the next task while the body lowers itself. It saves valuable time and allows the operator to focus on what happens in front of the truck.

  • Hydrema 912FS compact dump truck with easy service access to the filters

    Smart operator features

    The dump truck is fitted with a switch operated tipping throttle that automatically increases the engine speed when activated to quickly raise the body and thereby increase the efficiency. In cases where additional stability is required (e.g. when tipping over the side) the optional pivot lock can be activated.


    A new hoist-assistance is available as an option. An inclination sensor in the dashboard shows the machine’s gradient both sideways and longitudinally. Should the inclination become too severe, a warning will appear to let the operator know if it is unsafe to tip.

Strong engine

Great work space

Operator conditions

  • Hydrema 912FS compact dump truck view of cabin from outside

    1-step entry

    With its 1-step entry and ROPS /FOPS approved cab, we have designed a workspace, where the operator is safe and comfortably seated whilst operating the machine with a joystick. The operator quickly becomes familiar with the machines functions and operations in no time.


    To improve the operators work performance, we have incorporated an A/C system with 8 air nozzles in the cab, so the operators feels comfortable at all times.


  • Hydrema 912F-series compact dump truck cabin view

    Perfect operator conditions

    The spacious cab offers a soft-touch interior with ergonomically placed instrumentation, while the seat and armrests are fully adju­stable. An optional driver’s seat with ventilation and automatic weight adjustment can further enhance the comfort.


    The multi-functional joystick is an integrated part of the right armrest, providing intuitive finger-tip control of the main dumper functions: tipping, gear selection, forward/reverse and differential lock.

  • Hydrema 912FS compact dump truck with easy service access to the filters

    A great view

    The engine is placed behind the front-facing cab, providing an unobstructed view both forward and to the sides. In combination with large side mirrors and the optional rearview camera, the 912G-Series dump truck has superb all-round visibility, which meets ISO standards 5006 and 14401.

High manoeuvrability

The 912G-series Hydrema dump trucks are easy to operate. With its high level of manoeuvrability, it lets you cut corners and angels like no other while placing the machine in the perfect position to continue the job.

Hydrema 912GS compact dump truck moving material in muddy area

Service and Maintenance

Easy servicing

  • Hydrema 912FS compact dump truck view of cabin from outside

    Easy service access

    Opening the large engine hood provides easy, ground-level access to the different service points. The new engine bay layout means it is easier than ever to service the dump trucks and to control oil levels and various filters. Wider steps let you safely reach all parts of the engine with ease.


    Quick and easy access to the cooling package can be made through opening the service door behind the driver’s seat.




  • Hydrema 912F-series compact dump truck cabin view

    Automatic battery isolator

    A new, automatic battery isolator shuts off all the electric systems of the machine when the operator turns off the ignition key and leaves the dump truck. At the same time, sensors in the doors turn on the electric system when the operator returns.


    The timer can be adjusted via the dashboard to manage the shut-off process. An emergency battery isolator is located inside the cab.


  • Hydrema 912FS compact dump truck with easy service access to the filters

    Easy maintenance

    New drain valves make it easier and more controllable to drain the oil, as you now have full control over the process.


    With the optional, automatic central greasing kit, the machine takes care of its own lubrication requirements.




Standard models

  • Hydrema 912FS compact dump truck view of cabin from outside

    The 912G

    The basic model in our line of articulated compact dump trucks is the Hydrema 912G. This model is well-known for its sure-footed handling characteristics and robustness, making it particularly suitable for rental.


    The compact dump trucks of the 912G-Series are engineered and built to last for many years. They provide dependable performance, with low maintenance costs, and are easy to use for a wide range of applications.




  • Hydrema 912F-series compact dump truck cabin view

    The 912GS

    The Hydrema 912GS (G-series Suspended) is equipped with a suspension system on the front axle. The system is an electrohydraulic spring system featuring independent suspension cylinders and level control that aligns the machine in the optimal position.


    The driver will be less affected by vibrations during a long work day and will experience considerably greater efficiency, particularly on long transport stages or in rough terrain.



  • Hydrema 912HM compact dump truck tipping

    The 912HM

    The Hydrema 912HM (High Mobility) is the same machine as the 912GS, but with higher and wider tyres of up to 800 mm, which gives it higher ground clearance and minimal ground pressure. Fully loaded the truck only has a ground pressure of 85 kPa.


    This means the 912HM has exceptional off-road performance. It is perfect for soft and muddy terrain or sensitive surfaces such as fragile fairways on a golf course.






Specialised models

  • Hydrema 912FS compact dump truck view of cabin from outside

    The 912HM Flatbed

    Reach remote and difficult to access worksites without a sweat! The 912HM Flatbed is the ultimate service truck. It is fast, strong and stable in uneven and rough terrain

  • Hydrema 912F-series compact dump truck cabin view

    The 912G MultiChassis

    The MultiChassis version is a universal platform where a variety of customized solutions can be mounted, such as water tanks, concrete mixers or salt spreaders.

  • Hydrema 912G Rail

    The 912GS Rail

    Hydrema’s factory-fitted rail wheel system is an option specifically designed for the Hydrema 912GS. With this rail-wheel system, you can operate with high performance and efficiency both on and off the rail. 


    The rail machine is capable of operating in both low-rail and high-rail mode (where the rubber wheels are lifted 10 cm from the rail tracks).

Keep it coming!



Hydrema 912GS compact dump truck moving material in muddy area

Optional equipment

Customize to suit your needs

  • Hydrema 912FS compact dump truck view of cabin from outside

    Front 3-point hitch

    A front 3-point hitch (category II) to mount items like brushes and snow blades can be installed at the front of the truck to enhance the usability and flexibility further. The hitch can lift objects weighing up to 1250 kg and operated from within the cab via the joystick in the right armrest.



  • Hydrema 912F-series compact dump truck cabin view

    Customized machine colours

    All Hydrema machines can be delivered in customized colours to match your preferences, ensuring your dump truck will stand out and make a unique impression.


  • Hydrema 912FS compact dump truck with easy service access to the filters

    LED packages

    Extensive LED lights packages are available. Orange LED flashing lights (both front and rear) increase the visibility of the dump truck.


    The new LED headlights and up to 12 powerful LED work lights change night into day.







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